Content and product mix and mingle to show off every side of this very active passion brand.

Ecommerce, Design, Hybris

It’s Always Summer/Winter Somewhere

The international brand sells gear to sometimes globetrotting individuals. To handle wherever they are or are going, we created a geo-locating climate toggle.

Showing Off in the Shop

With awesomely designed gear and a go-big culture, we turned the shopping path into a showcase full of interesting interactions and nice, oversized images.

Getting Immersed in the Details

Smith products are loaded with technology that makes all the difference during action. Open and focused, the Tech section takes its time to tell each story.

Sunlight, Camera, Action

Smith customers and athletes are all active and social, but do a ridiculous variety of sports. So we gave each community its own lively home.

Designed for Lives Lived Outside

Since everything they make is made for sun, surf, snow, and speed, we designed the full site for mobile with the same uncompromising attitude.