Dec 10 2014

New Fender Digital Flagship Experience Goes Live

Fender puts its music cred on display with tons of exclusive content and launches online sales of instruments and amps.

Fender, in partnership with LiveAreaLabs, just launched a new digital flagship experience. The site represents a landmark for Fender, giving the company the ability to sell guitars, basses, amps, and other audio equipment and instruments direct to customers. Going beyond sales, the site positions Fender as a go-to source of inspiring, entertaining, and educational music-related content.

Given Fender’s undeniable role in the past, present, and future of rock ‘n’ roll, the brand has a natural and rightful place as a dominant passion brand in popular culture. The new digital flagship celebrates this legacy and positions the site as a regular destination for passionate musicians and fans. Taking advantage of the brand’s significant access, trust, and knowledge, the site prominently features exclusive interviews and performances from Fender artists, as well as articles, playlists, and an extensive library of tips and lessons.

Existing artists play a significant role in inspiring others to start playing, so the brand’s artist relationships figure naturally in the shopping path. Homepage merchandising includes gear featured directly alongside an artist and their music, and, at the category level, associated artists are highlighted as part of the story around general instrument types. The pairing of artists and instruments works in tandem with other details to make it easier for customers to understand the differences between various platforms and models.

Built on the Demandware Commerce platform, the site is fully responsive, ensuring an excellent and consistent experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. In addition to the benefits of managing a single codebase, the platform offers superior agility and economics, enabling Fender to easily evolve and adapt the site to ever-changing trends and customer expectations.