LiveArea Launches Award-Winning New Site

LiveArea Launches Award-Winning New Site

Our new site showcases our passion for creating artful, intuitive experiences for leading brands.

LiveArea Launches Award-Winning New Site

The custom MVC JavaScript framework we built performs faster than any generic framework could. Since every browser displays things a bit differently, the site’s features and effects are configured to react to their environment, which ensures that every browser gets its best possible version of the site.

To make the experience fully responsive, we optimized the design for touch and considered every breakpoint. Memory management was a concern from the get-go, so RequireJS module definition was used to extend and stabilize the code while minimizing the memory footprint, which keeps the site light and less prone to crashes on memory-constrained mobile devices. We even built in custom scroll events for iOS so the understated parallax effects would carry over to iPad and iPhone.

In addition, we primed the site for social sharing and SEO by assigning each page its own fully qualified URL. To achieve this without requiring full page refreshes (which would interrupt the seamless navigation), we used the HTML5 history object to keep things smooth.

The site redesign was an opportunity for us to restructure the architecture of our site while showcasing one of the platforms we offer our clients. Drupal was a strategic choice because it provides nearly endless customization options for structuring sites and managing content and is a snap to edit and update. The dynamic pages we’ve built are easy to replicate and enhance, so we can swap new content into our custom templates and themes in a matter of minutes.

We are honored by the response that our site has elicited from our peers in the web design and development community. Here are links to the top ten sites that have featured according to referral traffic.

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