Chicco Launches New Digital Flagship Experience from LiveArea

Chicco Launches New Digital Flagship Experience from LiveArea

LiveArea announces the first ecommerce site ever created for Chicco, one of the world’s leading baby and toddler brands.

Chicco Launches New Digital Flagship Experience from LiveArea

Chicco, in partnership with LiveArea, recently launched a new digital flagship experience. The responsively designed new website is the first venture into ecommerce for Europe’s leading manufacturer of baby products. The site is also a critical part of the brand’s introduction of its clothing and shoe lines to North America.

"Expanding our presence in the U.S. market via ecommerce presented a number of inherent challenges," said Mike Moumoutjis, VP of Sales for Chicco USA. "To make a connection with our apparel and counter entrenched online shopping habits, we needed a world-class ecommerce experience that led with our brand in a way that would encourage customers to explore, purchase, and come back."

To connect with new parents and parents-to-be in the U.S., the site fully expresses the joyfulness of the brand while still clearly communicating the company’s long and proven commitment to safety and healthy development. Bright, big, and open, with playful and surprising animations and motion, the visual and interaction design taps into the child within each customer. It also allows for helpful, research-based information to be provided in a way that is both playful and reassuring.

"Chicco describes their brand as observing the world through the happy eyes of a baby," said Mark Moskal, Co-Founder at LiveArea. "By designing boldly and validating our decisions through user testing, we were able to create a digital flagship experience that fully expresses the Chicco brand and delivers the highest standards of shoppability."

Building on the Demandware Commerce platform provided LiveAreaLabs and Chicco with significant advantages. The site is fully responsive, ensuring perfect presentation and interaction across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Plus, Demandware’s enterprise cloud platform minimizes the costs and complexities of running commerce operations. It empowers retailers to respond with speed and agility to new market opportunities and continually evolving consumer expectations.

The Chicco ecommerce site can be seen at:

Chicco USA is the American subsidiary of Chicco, the leading European baby brand with global headquarters in Como, Italy. Chicco is the only multi-specialist baby brand in the world, providing babies from birth to 36 months with all the products they need to grow, covering the toys, fashion, gear, nursing, and baby care categories. Founded in 1958, Chicco is part of the Artsana SpA group, one of Italy's leading family-owned corporations with more than 7000 employees and 25 branches throughout the world.