About Us

We believe brands are made by the interactions they create. We believe that beautiful and usable are complementary. We believe that everything we put in front of your customers should be interesting and useful to each one of them.

We are LiveArea, the PFS digital experience agency with a boutique approach and world-class capabilities. We meld strategy, creativity, and technology until they disappear beneath perfectly branded commerce experiences for core customers.

We have global, omni-channel connections

As part of PFS, a global leader in omni-channel commerce, we are connected to the entirety of the commerce ecosystem. Our strategic and creative work is informed and elevated by hard insight into the complete customer journey, as well as significant technological, logistical, and customer service resources and expertise.

We specialize in brands people love

Our partnerships with world-leading brands have brought us experience in a wide variety of industries. There are, however, those in which we have staked out a niche and continue to find growing expertise.


Selling fashion online is about conveying a vision and a feeling. We work with brands both haute couture and down to earth, and understand how to communicate the image of a lifestyle and attitude that accompanies a style, as well as how to help customers visualize themselves living with those garments and accessories.


Confidence is everything in beauty. Certainly in how certain products and routines make you feel, but also in the level of faith a customer has in purchasing a product, especially online. We are experienced at expressing the nuanced identities of brands in the beauty industry, and have created several guided selling apps to provide customers with the assurance they demand.

Active Lifestyle

Required to meet a combination of performance standards and cultural expectations, few brands must deliver on authenticity as strongly as those within the active lifestyle industry. Our experience with outdoor and athletic brands is both personal and deep. We are well versed in communicating product attributes and technology benefits, and in tightly integrating brand content, in a way that feels innate and meaningful for customers and fans.

Food & Drink

Above all else, commerce experiences for brands in the food and drink category must be enticing. To create something digital that makes someone want to consume something physical, to conjure scents and flavors out of pixels, takes a delicate touch—and great photography. We are practiced at calling upon favorable brand and experiential associations to make those sensational connections drive immediate action for delayed gratification.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The consumer packaged goods category is remarkably broad and diverse, but every brand and product is reliant on trust, effectiveness, and convenience. For brands both new and established, we ensure the communication of benefits goes hand-in-hand with making an emotional connection. We employ sophisticated analytics and customer research to effectively target qualified customers and guarantee that experiences and messaging are clear, interesting, and actionable.

Business to Business

Digital B2B faces a particularly contradictory set of challenges. B2B commerce is typically far more complicated than B2C transactions, but experiential expectations are set by the prominence of well-designed consumer interactions. With a heightened focus on efficiency and service, we wrap the complexity of business transactions within refined, branded experiences. We ensure every experience meets modern standards for visual appeal and simplicity of use, while helping companies benefit from lower transactional costs, more intelligent support, and deeper customer insight.

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